At Acento Comunicación we have learned to remove borders. We create digital content in Granada to reach the world. It´s happening with our Apps, with more than 2 millions downloads in 160 countries. It´s happening with Cosquillas TV, which exceeds 1,7 million views and 5.000 subscriptions from many countries in Latin America. And it´s happening now, with the alliances we are forging within the UE thanks to our participation in different consortiums.


In fact, we are having many pleasant surprises in this field, not only for being at the forefront of European innovations. An institution´s reputation is always built on people with names. A good project won´t be successful if behind prestigious firms you can´t find men and women who are committed with scientific and social development. People who can be sympathetic and encouraging, but most of all, people who can lead.
We have been very lucky to find this kind of people in the H2020 working groups we are taking part of, as is the case of Anglia Ruskin University, Ixion Holdings and, in particular, the innovation specialist Sophie Eastel.
We are confident that the path we share will be successful, not only because of the excellence of their work, but mostly, because of the way we have connected due to our professional relationship. And that, in the end, it´s good for Europe and for the civil society that it´s generating. Organisms work well when cells make connections and multiply themselves.
H2020 consortiums benefit this cellular machinery, even more if that interaction takes place with agents such as Anglia Ruskin University, Ixion Holdings and Sophie Eastel. Europe: you are lucky to have them.

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