To promote the use of green hydrogen, AIHRE project proposes liaisons among stakeholders involved in the use of this renewable energy source in the electricity sector. To achieve this, the project will seek, via activities with local stakeholders, to develop tools that analyze the feasibility of implementing renewable hydrogen value chains and integrating them into current energy scenarios, particularly in the POCTEP area (Iberian Peninsula).

LIT-UP aims at strengthening liaison between professionals working with less used
languages literacy. Throughout this 3-year project, LIT-UP will coordinate and develop a range of workshops, training and events to engage publishers, authors and events organisations (e.g book fairs) from all over Europe to contribute to leveraging their skills and knowledge to face the global publishing industry.

Our communication agency leads, as a member of the Consortium, the communication, dissemination and exploitation strategy developing actions like, but not limited to, website project, social media updates, press officer management, branding design and video production as well as we run a workshop related to digital skills to impact in different audiences.

The aim of the SHARED GREEN DEAL is to stimulate joint actions between academic and non-academic partners around initiatives that promote the European Green Deal throughout Europe. To do this, tools from the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) will be used to support the implementation of eight areas of the European Green Deal, at local and regional level.

Design and execution of the Communication Plan. We develop project branding, videos, layout and social networks.

Climate change, energy and mobility are challenges increasingly complex that society is facing, so scaled, coordinated and innovative action is needed, with real political impact.

SSH CENTRE will generate the best practices for political advice in the social sciences and humanities, it will be a center of excellence that will involve hundreds of people through our SSH Open Knowledge Platform.

Design and execution of the Communication Plan. We develop project branding, videos, layout and social networks.

European project Europe for Citizens. Its objective is to combat the stigmatization of migrant and refugee women, through citizen participation in civil and democratic processes. Intercultural debates will be promoted as practical solutions to combat the stigmatization of minorities

We design and collaborate in the execution of the Communication Plan with the design of branding, web development, making videos and editing graphic material.

European project H2020 (2017-2019). This innovative European platform for energy-related social sciences and humanities brought together those who “demand” energy research (companies, policy makers and NGOs) who can use it to develop practical initiatives, with those who “supply” that research.

Consortium partners. Design and execution of the Communication Plan. We develop project branding, web, videos, layout and social networks. Organization of the masterclass for journalists on communication and the environment.

European project H2020. Supports the implementation of the SET Plan Implementation Plan for offshore wind energy. One of its objectives is to facilitate cross-border coordination of nationally funded R&D projects in offshore wind energy projects.

We develop the website, design scientific publications and make the corporate video.

European project H2020. The ESMARTCITY project is implemented through the INTERREG MED program, a program co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund – ERDF).

Web development, corporate publication, production of videos, press coverage and participation in a webinar on the participation of the Granada Energy Office in this project, of which it is a partner.

European project H2020. AÚNA is an ecosystem of actors from the construction, finance and energy value chains, aimed at closing the current gap between the world of rehabilitation and that of financing. It is configured as a forum for permanent dialogue, seeking a better mutual understanding, the contribution of new ideas and best practices, all of this in perfect harmony with the national climate plans and the long-term rehabilitation strategy, as well as with the European plans in The matter.

We design and execute the Communication Plan with AEICE, an efficient habitat cluster: web content, social networks, videos, media relations, etc.

2-years (2019-2021) EU funded H2020 project. This Social Science and Humanities (SSH) innovation Forum contributes to a EU European Energy Union in using and applying energy-related Social Sciences and Humanities (energy-SSH).

As Consortium members, we lead the communication WP by developing branding identity, designing communication strategies, dissemination actions via online channels (social media strategy, website project, graphic design, formatting publications, connections with press officers and media, and organising masterclasses for journalists, among others).

European project H2020. HAPPENING’s technological proposal is based on decentralized heat pumps, which are shared by the residents of a building. They are easy to install, do not disturb the people living in the building and can be easily adapted to a large number of different construction situations. This leads to savings for people, improved indoor comfort and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions from the building, helping to decarbonise and achieve EU climate targets.

We design and collaborate in the execution of the Communication Plan with the revitalization of social networks, making videos, preparing press releases and newsletters, among other tasks.