Acento, focusing on sustainable and resilient communication

These words, coming from a EC energy transition senior researcher, show how Acento team gets involved in sustainable and social- developed projects.

At Acento we are committed to the idea that changes must kick off with personal actions. And therefore it is quite easy for us to bring this commitment to the workspace, especially once we participate in eco-social initiatives.

Acento facilitates dissemination at small, medium and large green projects.

Because communication “cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed”

2-years (2019-2021) EU funded H2020 project. This Social Science and Humanities (SSH)  innovation Forum contributes to a EU European Energy Union in using and applying energy-related Social Sciences and Humanities (energy-SSH).

As Consortium members, we lead the communication WP by developing branding identity, designing communication strategies, dissemination actions via online channels (social media strategy, website project, graphic design, formatting publications, connections with press officers and media, and organising masterclasses for journalists, among others).

2-years (2017-2019) EU funded H2020 project. This EU Social Science and Humanities (SSH) innovative platform related to the energy field facilitated the liaison of those demanding energy researches (organisations, policymakers and NGO’s) to be applied at practical level with those managing these researchers initiatives.

As Consortium members, we designed the Communication Plan, developed the project branding, video production, formatting publications, social media strategy and organising masterclasses about communication and environment for journalists, among others

EU funded H2020 project. Support to SET-Plan Implementation Plan for offshore wind. One of its goals is to facilitate the coordination of R+D cross-border projects related to offshore wind.

We developed the website, designs of scientific publications and production of corporate branding.

EU funded H2020 project.ESMARTCITY project have been developed under the INTERREG MED programme, co-funded European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

We developed the website, design of public publications, video production, press office services and participation at the webinar held by Granada Energy Office.

EU funded H2020 project. AÚNA postulates as an exchange knowledge forum between stakeholders across the financing, construction and energy value chains, public and private, to dialogue and develop strong liaisons between key actors. This project aims at achieving  the objectives of the National Integrated Plan for Energy and Climate 2021-2030 (PNIEC) and the 2020 Update of the long-term Strategy for Energy Renovation in the Building Sector in Spain (ERESEE), liaised with the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

We develop and apply the Communication Plan (internal and external) and design the social media and e-mailing strategy, video production, strengthen media relationships, among others.

This project aims at deepening the knowledge of the most accurate material to build a fusion reactor, understanding it as one of the most scientific challenges because fusion is a non-limited energy with low-impact environment.

We develop branding identity, graphic design, public publication format and dissemination sessions.

Santiago Uno develops several programmes to reintegrate young people with fewer opportunities into society via individual programmes with which they can choose their own way to rejoin themselves. Fundación Telefónica Volunteering Award. Recognised as an Excellent Training Centre by the Castilla y León Regional Government.

We develop the website project, corporate material, press releases and video production

Institution that fosters the social integration of citizen groups living in situations of risk, marginalisation and social exclusion through training, education, work, culture, leisure and free time.

We developed branding identity and we cooperate in the organization of an international congress about shepherding and social inclusion via dissemination strategy that includes: branding, press releases, streaming, public relation with media, video production, among others.

BirdLife International is a global partnership of conservation organisations (NGOs) that strives to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity, working with people towards sustainability in the use of natural resources.

We developed branding material (flyers, images, publications) and video production

Documentary based on the SDG workshop held by Granada University. A serie of interviews about each SDG and the cinema. This initiative had been awarded as one of the most important SDG initiatives in the Climate Change Conference in Madrid (COP25)

Production of an immersive 360º video visit to the Science Park and the Alhambra based on SDG6 related to water and sanitation. The video reached almost 50,000 views in its first week of broadcasting.

Season organisation in liaison with the Civil Engineering University in Granada. The aim of this season was to address each SDG framework via film sequence and the participation of senior experts within each SDG.

Initiative selected by the 25th Climate Summit as one of the six best university experiences related to the SDGs.

   Acento, focusing on people solidarity

Road Movie: To where we are expected

A trip. Co-sharing car. A family to visit, a home to return and one mobile phone to record the experience. Behind this scene there are many real stories that this documentary wanted to honour where people are the leading role with the best supporting actress: the Humanity.

   Acento, focusing on energy poverty

Think global, act local’. This project is the result of having an extra budget from a EU funded project and the need to help a neighborhood with energy poverty in Granada trying to change its situation. Granada4energy is a platform which aims, via new narratives and communication paths, at connecting the needs of the citizens living there with public and private organizations who work to decrease energy poverty at local, national and european level.

This enterprise produces bags and packages for children lunch with 100% recycled organic cotton.

We acted as a consultant in communication and dissemination strategies as well as the production of corporate material (flyers, media files, video production, among others)


QUODS provides, through gamification, an introduction to the 2030 Agenda in the most funny  way possible for children. The aim of this workshop is to be able to understand the importance of setting goals to tackle the world problems as well as to learn about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We produce the promotional video: